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Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Overhead Sectional Doors

Reliable, strong engineered door systems using superior hardware components makes Croskill Overhead Doors your number one choice for overhead doors. We offer steel insulated doors, polycarbonate doors, full view glass doors as well as security screens, dock seals, dock bumpers and electric door operators. Browse our collection of doors at our showroom in Listowel today.

CR175 Steel-Insulated Sectional Doors

  • Manufactured by Croskill Overhead Doors
  • Stucco embossed, ribbed for added strength
  • Thermal break
  • Tongue and groove section joint
  • CFC free foamed in place polyurethane insulation
  • Panel thickness: 1 ¾”
  • Thermal window options: 24”x12” or 34”x16”.
  • Full vision glass sections are also available
  • Galvanized end caps
  • 4 continuous steel hinge strips at the top and bottom of the section
  • Sections pre-drilled for hinge placement
  • Take a look at our brochure for more information about our products.

CR175 Steel-Insulated Sectional Doors

Polycarbonate Doors

  • Manufactured by Croskill Overhead Doors 
  • One piece Polycarbonate sheet – 16 mm, 3 wall construction, available in clear, bronze or ice
  • Encased in a tubular aluminum frame, clear anodized aluminum or powder coated
  • PVC weather seal between each section
  • Outstanding light transmission
  • Thermal insulation
  • Energy efficiency gives reductions in heating costs
  • Light weight
  • Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, agricultural buildings, car dealerships, firehalls and other businesses
Commerical Polycarbonate Doors

Aluminum Full Vision Doors

  • Manufactured by Croskill Overhead Doors
  • 3 mm glass or 3 mm thermal glass, or 16 mm polycarbonate
  • Encased in a tubular aluminum frame, clear anodized aluminum or powder coated
  • PVC weather seal between each section
  • Outstanding light transmission
  • Ideal for service operations as they provide the feeling of an open area while still maintaining security, allowing customers to see your service area
Commerical Aluminum Full Vision Doors

Garage Door Openers

We are distributors of professional Chamberlain LiftMaster commercial and industrial operators and gate operators. Our electric door openers make it safer and easier to perform duties in places such as loading bays to improve efficiency. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right hardware for your application.

Safety Screens

  • Expanded metal screen enclosed in a tubular aluminum frame
  • Clear anodized aluminum frame or powder coated
  • Can be operated as a standalone gate or it can be connected to your overhead sectional door
Commerical Safety Screens



  • 2” or 3” roll formed galvanized steel
  • 2” track: Bracket mounted with 12” or 15” radius horizontal track
  • Optional continuous angle mounted 2” tracks
  • 3” track: Continuous angle mounted
  • Galvanized support angles as required

Special Tracking:

  • High lift
  • Pitched track
  • Full vertical lift
  • Low headroom


  • Steel 2” or 3” 10 ball bearing
  • 3” Sealed Bearing rollers are available

Face Hardware:

Stamped from Galvanized steel

Full Hinges 


Interior slide bolt

Counter Balance:

  • Helically wound oil tempered torsion springs mounted on a steel shaft
  • Cast aluminum cable drums
  • Galvanized aircraft cable


  • As required


  • 1” steel tube shaft standard for doors under 128 sq. ft.
  • 1” solid shaft standard for doors over 128 sq. ft. with coupler as required
  • 1¼” solid shaft for large industrial applications

Dock Seals

Dock seals are foam pads that form a gasket-type seal around the sides of the trailer. When a trailer backs in, it compresses into the pads and comes to rest against the dock bumpers. We are a distributor of dock seals from Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd.

Series 0101 Stationary Dock Seal

  • The Series 0101 dock seal increases comfort and productivity
  • Dock seal has standard dimensions for door openings: 8′x8’
  • Two (2) 8′ high vertical pads and one (1) 10′ long head pad with 12” face and cubed-shaped
  • The 0101 seals trailers have a 12′ to 13′ H from grade with a dock height of 48”
  • They can be fitted for openings up to 9’0”W x 9’0”H by the use of wedge-shaped vertical and head pads
Series 0101 Stationary Dock Seal

Series 0201 Adjustable Dock Seal

  • Designed to work best where doors are over 9’H and/or where trailers vary in height
  • The 0201 is an economical way to form an airtight seal between the building and trailer for dock openings up to 10′W x 12′H
  • The 0201 is also available with an adjustable split head curtain for added versatility
  • A large selection of tough abrasion-resistant fabric can be used to cover the resilient foam pads
  • The standard dimensions for door openings: 8′W x 10′H has two (2) 10′ high vertical pads with a 12” face, wedge shape and one (1) 10‘ long head curtain with a 24” drop. Unit projection is 10”
  • Seals trailer(s) 12′ to 13’6” H from grade with a dock height of 48”
Series 0201 Adjustable Dock Seal

Dock Bumpers

A dock bumper absorbs shocks and prevents the ends of the vehicle from being seriously damaged.

Laminated Rubber Dock Bumper

  • Fabric-reinforced rubber pads cut from truck tires
  • Rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4” rods
  • Bumper is fastened to dock surface with 3/8” steel angles and/or flat plates depending on model
  • Wall mounting hole size is 1” diameter
  • Options include: Steal Face, riser or extra projection

Model Types

Layer options: Single (model: S10-) or double layer (stacked) (model: D20-)

  • S1014-4 (Single layer) = 4″ projection
  • S1014-5 (Single layer) = 5″ projection
  • S2014-4 (Double layered) = 4″ projection
  • S2014-5 (Double layered) = 5″ projection

Thickness options:

  • 3/8″ thick
  • 1/2″ think
  • 3/4″ thick

Molded Rubber Dock Bumper

  • Manufactured from fibre-reinforced prime rubber
  • Dock bumpers provide tuff-cut resistant protection and high-impact absorption
  • They have a 98% +/- 2 % impact recovery
  • Molded bumpers have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes for easy installation, sized to accept +/- 3/4” anchor

Model Types

Options: Molded dock bumpers range in length/height

  • DB-1013 – 4″ height/length
  • D B-1030

Strip Curtains

  • Clear flexible strip curtains are cost-effective enclosures which control the environment between two areas
  • The clear flexible strips provide good visibility in high traffic areas to ensure safety
  • The edges of each strip are rounded for protection
  • A concave-convex overlapping pattern enhances the sealing effect
  • Any area can be divided for higher productivity, energy saving and/or safety
  • We are a distributor of Super Seal Mfg. Ltd and Shaver Industries Inc. products

Door & Operator Repairs & Service

We can ensure your door operates smoothly.

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